Welcome to Riverview Elementary School! Home of the Raccoons!

“Viewing Kids at Their Best!”

The staff welcomes you to Riverview Elementary School. We want you to enjoy your years here and hope the challenges you face encourage you to do your best in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. We want you to take pride in Riverview Elementary School, appreciating the diversity present in our school. We want Riverview Elementary School to be a safe place for all students, and we encourage you to come to school each day ready to give it your best. We will help you be successful and to celebrate your successes!

Riverview Elementary School is a nurturing environment where each student is empowered to learn, and is supported in fulfilling his or her unique potential.

Code of Conduct Pledge

Character is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching!

  • I will be trustworthy.
  • I will be respectful.
  • I will be responsible.
  • I will be fair.
  • I will be caring.
  • I will be a good citizen.