Arrival / Dismissal Procedures

Traffic Flow Procedures

Extreme traffic congestion occurs at Riverview Elementary School before and after school. School buses are arriving and departing, parents are arriving for meetings with teachers and many vehicles are arriving to drop children off at school or to pick them up. A traffic management plan has been designed to expedite traffic flow and reduce the risk of accidents. We need your patience and cooperation!! Please work with us in trying to ensure the safety of everyone!

  • The east traffic loop is reserved for SCHOOL BUSES ONLY.
  • The west traffic loop is reserved for PASSENGER LOADING / UNLOADING.
  • Both traffic loops are one way, with traffic flowing east to west.
  • To drop off or pick up students, pull forward as far as possible in the passenger loading/unloading lane and quickly load or unload.
  • If you need extra time to write a note, run into the office, etc., please park in the parking lot so as not to delay traffic.
  • If your passengers are not waiting when you pull in to pick them up, please drive back onto Mountain River Drive and reenter the traffic loop, or park in the parking lot. Please do not park in the passenger loading/unloading lane.

There is absolutely no parking in the fire lanes! The fire lane needs to be clear at all times for emergency access to the school.

Before School Supervision

Students must not arrive to school earlier and 7:30 a.m. There is no supervision for students before that time.

Bus Behavior

Students riding the bus are expected to obey the bus driver’s directions and follow all bus rules. Citations are given to students when they are having behavior problems on the bus and refuse, after verbal warnings, to comply with the driver’s directions. Citations will not be issued unless students clearly fail to comply with the rules. Continued problem behavior may result in suspension of bus riding privileges. Parents will be notified of infractions and consequences. For the safety of everyone involved, proper behavior must be adhered to at the bus stop and during the bus ride. Your help in encouraging safe bus behavior is appreciated.

After School Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines: Buses: Students walk to the bus loading areas and immediately join their bus line to board the bus. Quiet voices and appropriate behavior are expected while waiting for buses. Students being picked up: Students should be picked up promptly after school at the passenger loading/unloading area. Staff members will be on duty to help safely load students. If you are meeting your student inside the school please wait for them in the foyer. Walkers: Students walking home are to leave school grounds with the crossing guard. Students that need to cross Mountain River Drive will be instructed to use the crosswalk in front of the school. There will be a staff member there to help them cross the street safely.

After School Plans

Please make arrangements with your child before they leave home in the morning regarding where they go after school. A note is required if there is any deviation from your student’s normal after school routine (ie., changes in busing, rides home or persons picking up student). A student will not be released to anyone who is not on their enrollment card without the written permission of a parent/guardian.

If your child wishes to go home with another student, the school MUST have a note from you indicating your permission, including your child’s name and who your child is going home with. Arrangements for these activities MUST be made at home. Phone calls for this will not be allowed at school.

For safety reasons, unless otherwise notified by a parent/guardian, students will be sent home by their usual mode of transportation. We cannot let students go home by a different way on the word of the student alone.