Student attendance is an important issue for schools and is regulated by Oregon Law and School Board Policy. As a school we must comply with these laws and policies. We expect that our students attend school (and be on time) every day that school is in session, unless excused by the parent/guardian and/or the administration of the school.

Besides losing time from learning because of an absence or tardiness, research has shown that many who were allowed to attend school irregularly often develop the same practices in work and elsewhere in life. Children who enter a classroom after being tardy or absent can feel disconnected and a bit lost. Regular attendance not only helps children maintain a consistent learning pattern in school, it helps children establish good habits for work and life in the future.

Oregon Law (ORS 339.065) defines regular attendance as “not including more than eight unexcused half-day absences or the equivalent (4 whole days) in any four week period that school is in session”. If your child has irregular attendance the school will notify you by letter. If he/she continues to show irregular attendance the Linn-Benton Attendance Officer will be notified, which may result in legal proceedings being implemented. We may also refer a student who has had excessive excused absences.

When your child is absent, or will be late to school, we ask that you phone the office to let us know. Your assistance is an important ingredient in home/school communication. We have voice mail set up to take messages between 3:45 p.m. and 7:30 a.m.

Excused Absences

The following Lebanon School Board Policy will be used in excusing students absences: “Those desiring an absences to be excused must file with the school office a written request for the absence to be excused”. To be considered for an excused absence, the written request must have the following:

  • The date of request;
  • The date of the absences for which an excuse is requested;
  • The reason for the absence; and
  • A signature of the parent/guardian requesting the excuse.

“To be considered, the written request must be filed within 48 hours following the students return to school”.

Oregon Law (ORS 339.065) states:

“an absence may be excused by a principal…if the absence is caused…by the pupil’s sickness, the sickness of some member of the pupil’s family, or by an emergency”.

We may also ask for a doctor’s note for absences due to extended or excessive illness. Please note that vacations and trips out of town will not be excused.

We must have a note meeting the above criteria to excuse absences; absences will not be excused by phone.


Every day of school is important to the education of your child, but a child should not be sent to school if he or she shows signs of illness. If your child has had an elevated temperature, please wait until it has been normal (98.6°) for 24 hours before sending him or her back to school. All students well enough to come to school will be considered well enough to go outside for recess. Please send a note with your child when he or she returns to school, stating the nature of the illness and the date(s) that your child missed school. A doctor’s note will be required for an extended absence due to illness.


Students are considered tardy if they are not inside the classroom when the bell rings. Tardy students must check in at the office to receive an admittance slip before going to class. Please be conscientious about on-time arrival so that students begin their day with the rest of their class.